76084 was supplied with BR2A tender which the majority of the class received. Ideal for tender-first operation with both good rearward visibility and weather protection for the footplate crew. Turning such locos was not necessary and with a route availability of 4 could go almost anywhere on the BR system.

A collection of photographs of every member of the class has been completed and it is interesting to note that the class members allocated to the Southern Region ran with BR1 tenders with few photographs of tender-first operation. The BR1 tender had a higher axle loading than the locomotive compromising the locomotive’s actual route availability.

BR Standard class locomotives were equipped with self-cleaning smokeboxes a fact not immediately understood by shed staff at first which necessitated the addition of the ‘SC’ plate on smokebox doors.

76084 Dimensions

Data Item
IntroducedDecember 1952
Purpose Mixed Traffic
Power Classification
Route Availability
Driving Wheels
5ft 3in
Pony Wheels3ft 0in
Boiler Pressure
Cylinders (2)
17in X 26in
55ft 10in
Tractive Effort
Tube Heating Surface
1,075 Sq. Ft.
Weight (Engine)
59 Tons 2cwt
Weight (Tender)
42tons 3cwt
Coal Capacity6 Tons
Water Capacity3500 gallons extended to 3750 during restoration with main line running in mind.

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