This could be happening fairly soon.

I didn’t appreciate the fact that model locomotives with on-board sounds all use the same sounds. Anyone who has been anywhere near several steam locomotives will know that they often have distinctive sounds within a class of locomotives and when something is not quite right individual locomotives within a class will make their own unique sounds.

The strive for absolute realism when it comes to model steam locomotives is intensifying to the point where each locomotive will have a chip on-board containing its own bespoke sounds. 

For the BR Standard 4 2-6-0 our very own 76084 will very shortly be recorded so that digitally controlled models can not only look like the real thing but sound just like it too.

To achieve this level of realism the sound recordings have to be done away from the general public and microphones have to be strategically placed to get the true sounds. For instance, a microphone placed just in front of the steam dome will get the exhaust whilst microphones behind each cylinder will pick up the sounds of the motion amongst other things. Then there are the footplate sounds of coal being shoveled (and dropped). 

So not an easy task but imagine the end result. 76084 rests at the station then is given the right-of-way. The Regulator is opened with cylinder drain cocks opened too so she moves off in a cloud of pure white steam. The drain cocks close and the bark of the exhaust becomes the predominant sound. 

All this in my attic!! Can’t wait!!

Received a cheque sponsoring a Section of the TPWS Control Unit yesterday so complete funding for the Train Protection and Warning System is getting ever-closer.

The Board have given approval to start spending the ring-fenced monies initially on installing the cable runs and also on ordering long lead-time items.

As I right this post we have representatives at a railway heritage industry seminar on EMTRS and the new standards mainline locos have to adopt. So we are right up there with the other mainline loco operators – we are in the ‘club’ so to speak.

Thanks to all those 76084 shareholders who have helped fund TPWS technology. Your continued support is much appreciated.

Eric Bond

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Eric Bond