76084 on eBay

Everybody seems to use eBay these days and it is a great way to sell unwanted items and even buy things. The range of items being sold online is huge.

So we have started an eBay account (76084loco) and are launching a fundraising target for our easyfundraising.org.uk and this new account - between them we want to raise £500 by 15 August 2015.

With our plans to go mainline we still need to raise funds for some of the 3 technologies needed on Network Rail.

Please see out 'Go Mainline' Appeal page. The target that we have chosen will buy:

  • the Control Unit Loom for GSMR or
  • the GSMR Radio Box or
  • 2 Parts of Power System Design Certification for GSMR

With your help we will put another 'Pocket Rocket' on the mainline in 2015.

Thanks in anticipation.