The normal practice on heritage railway steam locomotives is for several small boiler tubes to be pulled out at five years. If they are found to be still serviceable indicating that the rest are, they are replaced and the boiler (and hence locomotive) is given another two years.

The boiler work at Hepscott during 76084’s restoration was performed to a very high standard. Also, the boiler during the past 5 years has been kept in very good condition. These two points together allows the boiler after examination to have its ticket renewed annually.

It has been decided to change all the small tubes this winter along with checks on the others. This work will be performed at Weybourne. The outcome will be that 76084’s boiler should be serviceable right to the end of the boiler’s 10 year ticket.

There are 156 small boiler tubes to replace and 76084 Locomotive Company Limited are looking to supporters and shareholders alike to assist in the cost of their replacement by sponsoring one or more small tubes at £30 each. A Sponsorship Form can be downloaded here. Alternatively you can sponsor tubes using the PayPal button below.

Using this button you can select any number of tubes to sponsor.

Payment goes straight into 76084’s PayPal account and your name will appear in the table below.

NameQuantityDatePayment Method
Anthony Stafford120 November 2017PayPal
Eric Bond321 November 2017Monthly Subscription
Hugh Harkett321 November 2017BACS Transfer
Adrian Liddle122 November 2017Through Website
Mike Corcoran4023 November 2017Cheque
Jim Higman224 November 2017Cheque
Phil Champion324 November 2017Cheque
John Fisher225 November 2017Cheque
Alan Tuggey325 November 2017Cheque
Graham Conyers225 November 2017Cheque
Gillian Conyers225 November 2017Cheque
Steve Alder328 November 2017BACS Transfer
Sue Dumbrell/Joan Coulter51 December 2017Cheque
Alan Robinson32 December 2017PayPal
Anthony Stafford13 December 2017PayPal
Ian Stocks34 December 2017PayPal
Roger Ison26 December 2017Cheque
John Stout17 December 2017PayPal
Anthony Stafford19 December 2017PayPal
Nicolas Renior210 December 2017PayPal
Iain Kernaghan410 December 2017PayPal
Tim Bambridge1012 December 2017BACS Transfer
Malcolm White21 January 2018PayPal
Mike Elliott22 January 2018Cheque
Eric Bond75 January 2018Monthly Subscription
Stan White29 January 2018Cheque