Replacing Borrowed Parts

Our BR Standard 4 2-6-0 76084 has now been in traffic for over 6 years and has become a firm favourite with operating staff and railway management alike being a locomotive that ‘fits’ the heritage railway scene.

We have fulfilled our long-term vision of going main line and 76084 forms an integral part of the North Norfolk Railway’s main line running programme. The Company continues to finance the day-to-day and annual maintenance that a main line registered locomotive needs to remain available for such work.

We are now focusing on replacing the parts we borrowed from sister Standard 4 76077 during 76084’s restoration. The list is extensive, and we need your help to finance their manufacture and delivery. 76077‘s restoration is gathering momentum. You could assist in getting another of the Class into traffic again.

76077 – a Major Part of Our Story

76077 and 76084 go a long way back.

They were both built at Horwich Works in Lancashire with 76077 coming out in December 1956 and allocated to Sutton Oak (8G) along with 76075/6/8/9 the latter arriving in February 1957. These 5 were subsequently joined by 5 more (76080/1/2/3 and 76084) of the class in March 1963 after the closure of Lower Darwen (10H) just outside Blackburn. Those that remained in active service were eventually transferred to Wigan Springs Branch in June 1967 being withdrawn in early December of the same year.

With motion removed 76077 sits in a consist of 3 Standard 4 Moguls, 76080 in front and our own 76084 behind. This photo was taken in March 1968 before departure in convoy with 76079 added to Woodham Brother’s Scrapyard. They didn’t arrive at Barry until 1 September 1968!

The list of 76077 parts we have utilised to date is extensive. They are listed below and are not cheap. We have divided their total cost were appropriate to make the numbers easier on the eye and wallet. If you can help us in any small way we will be most grateful. So far we have raised sufficient funds to pay for the manufacture of a combination lever and the anti-vacuum valve. We have a long way to go to complete all the loaned parts. Your assistance in this matter will be much appreciated.

76077 is the last of the 4 existent British Railways Standard 4MT 2-6-0 locomotives to be restored from scrapyard condition.

76079 was restored using parts from 76084 which have since been returned. It is really good news that the restoration of 76077 is at last getting underway. We are grateful for the loan of the parts listed. So it’s our turn to be returning parts so that another member of the Class and shedmate may at last return to steam. Find out more about 76077’s restoration by visiting the Toddington Standard Locomotive Limited (TSLL) website at

You can download a 76077 Replacement Parts Sponsorship Leaflet here.

Remaining Parts Needing Sponsorship

Part NumberDescriptionTotal CostNumber of Units Available for SponsorshipUnit Cost
76077 Loan 3Lefthand Return Crank Click to buy £30 Segment(s)£6,0009£300
76084 Loan 4Righthand Return Crank Click to buy £30 Segment(s)£600018£300
76077 Loan 5Live Steam Injector£4,50010£450
76077 Loan 6Driver’s Blower Valve£2,0008£250
76077 Loan 7Bottom Gauge Frame Unit£7402£370
76077 Loan 8Drivers Mk6 Steam Brake£4,00017£200

Roll of Honour

NumberSponsorPartNumber of Segments
1Mark James, LondonLefthand Return Crank0.1
2Michael Graves, NorfolkLefthand Return Crank1
3G S Webster, HumbersideDriver’s Mk6 Steam Brake1
4Adrian Liddle, LondonLefthand Return Crank0.1
5Ron Jeffries, DerbyshireLefthand Return Crank5
6Derek Glenn, LeedsDriver’s Mk6 Steam Brake1
7Iain Kernaghan, RedhillLefthand Return Crank0.3
8Phil Champion, Co DurhamDriver’s Mk6 Steam Brake1
9Rod Chapman, DorsetLefthand Return Crank1
10Mike Corcoran, LancashireCombination Lever4
11H J Mills, LiverpoolLefthand Return Crank2
12Mike Corcoran, LancashireCombination Lever4
13Iain Kernaghan, RedhillRighthand Return Crank0.6
14Mike Corcoran, LancashireCombination Lever4
15Phil Champion, Co DurhamRighthand Return Crank0.3
16Alan Tuggey, KentRighthand Return Crank0.3
17Alan Tuggey, KentLefthand Return Crank0.3
18Mike Corcoran, LancashireAnti-Vacuum Valve4
19John Stout, BerksLefthand Return Crank0.3
20John Stout, BerksRighthand Return Crank0.3
21Mike Corcoran, LancashireAnti-Vacuum Valve5