As the BBC’s Countryfile programme’s photographic competition judging was broadcast on Sunday it’s time the results of the 76084 Photographic Competition, 2017 were announced.

Thanks to all those of you who submitted entries. Sadly, some entrants didn’t read the terms and conditions with respect to image size (most important for print applications). However, the judges were most impressed with the quality of the images of 76084 on the main line which was the theme for our 2018 Calendar. The images ranged from charter trip working to engine and support coach movements – all on the main line and from various places around the national network.

The 5 judges, all 76084 Locomotive Company Limited shareholders, viewed and judged the entries independently and here is the crunch – the diversity of the images appealed differently to each of them. So much so that an outright winner wasn’t forthcoming. They had been asked to identify 12 images to go into next year’s 76084 calendar and also indicate first, second and third within those 12. So we used proportional representation to identify the overall winner and one stood out.

Before telling you the overall winner let me inform you who’s photographs of 76084 on the main line will be included in our 2017 Calendar:

  • Peter Ainsworth
  • Ian Hardman
  • Ian Sharman
  • Eric Bond
  • Michael Johnson
  • James Shuttleworth
  • Stuart Clarke
  • David Moyle
  • Mel Thornley
  • Richard Hall
  • Lawrie Rose
  • Steffan White

The overall winner is David Moyle for his atmospheric image of 76084 at the head of her first ever ‘proper charter’ – The Buxton Spa Express – on the homeward leg taking water at Brighouse on Saturday 25 February 2017. Congratulations, David. You £100 prize is in the post.

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