The 76084 Locomotive Company Limited was formed in September 1997 after purchase of the locomotive by a small group of enthusiast who saw 76084’s potential. The main objective of the Company was to restore the locomotive and tender by the issue of shares. This was at the time a novel way of raising funds to restore a steam locomotive. When 76084 returned to traffic on the North Norfolk Railway in July 2013 over £750,000 had been spent on her restoration. This is thanks to the contribution of approximately 200 shareholders scattered around the UK and overseas. The North Norfolk Railway became worthy partners to the restoration when they injected cash into the final stages ensuring a speedy completion.

The Company is run by a Board of Directors (currently 6 strong) all are volunteers. The Company has no paid staff. Board meetings are held on a regular basis by telephone conference as we are geographically separated by considerable distances. The meetings are structured so that financial and engineering matters are covered in detail. The Company has a plan to raise sufficient capital during this first 10-year ticket to be able to fund 76084’s first heavy overhaul in preservation. Accruing such funds is no mean task as steam locomotive running and maintenance can quite properly be called a money pit.

By the end of 2017 the Company had issued just over 800,000 shares. 76084 if sold on the open market would not realise £800,000 so the decision was taken to stop issuing shares so that the share value was not further diluted.

Just had 4 fantastic days on the NNR behind your loco. What an excellent loco it is, both to look at and listen to going up Kelling Bank! A massive thank you to all of you who restored her and keep her running. Long live BR standards! Thanks again Karl Dobb.

It was always the Company’s intention to go main line. We are both pleased and proud that we have managed to raise a further £100,000 in funding to equip 76084 with TPWS, OTMR and GSM-R technologies and ensure she was mechanically sound for both her light engine and loaded test runs successfully performed in September 2016 and subsequent main line work.

The popular and strong Standard Mogul 76084, performed on the mainline and left in the middle of March after 17 steamings post-Christmas. ELRnews Number 104 May 2017

The Board of Directors are always looking for ways to maximise revenue especially in periods outside of our current 2 season contract with the North Norfolk Railway. Main line running has to be planned well in advance as Network Rail require 16 weeks notice of locomotive movements so that they can establish route suitability/availability for our locomotive. We have taken the decision that 76084 will travel between heritage railways by main line only which does limit which railways we can visit.

The Company is currently looking to return parts borrowed from sister locomotive 76077. To assist in this not insubstantial financial burden we are asking for sponsorship. Anyone who is able to help in this way will become a ‘Supporter’ if not already a shareholder and will be welcome to attend our annual get-together (see images in our photo archive).

Thanks for your interest in 76084 Locomotive Company Limited. If you have any further questions please use our Contact Form – will always welcome opportunities to talk ‘76084’.