Donate to 76084 Locomotive Company Limited

We are very grateful to all those supporters who donated hard-earned funds to us through this page.

We will acknowledge any donations accordingly. Anyone assisting us achieve our mission – to provide our main asset, a Standard 4 Steam Locomotive number 76084, in excellent mechanical condition and in appealing visual condition so that it is available and appealing to any standard gauge heritage and main line railway in the UK – will become a ‘Supporter’ and be invited to our annual Supporters’ Day.

Please use our PayPal account ( to donate online which is quick and easy otherwise send your cheque made out to the 76084 Locomotive Company Limited to our registered office. Please send an email to obtain our postal address.

Even if you have not got a PayPal account you can donate to us through their system. Any amount you donate will be much appreciated and assist us in running and maintaining our locomotive.

We are a not-for-profit organisation. All monies received go into looking after our valuable asset – 76084 Standard 4.

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