One Small Crack but LOADS of work

On the morning of the first of the 2017 season North Norfolkman dining train to Cromer (5 July 2017) everything that’s about to run on Network Rail had to pass a ‘fitness to run’ test (commonly referred to as an FTR). During the fitness to run inspection of 76084 a small crack was found in one leaf of a loco spring. Thankfully there are spares kept at the Workshops.

But with only a few hours before the run to Cromer and with no inspection pits available in the Workshops could the spring be changed in time?

76084 was moved over the ashpit and a party of 8 workshop personnel moved the necessary equipment to the locomotive to jack it up and exchange the broken spring for the spare. It took them a little over an hour after which 76084 was proclaimed fit to run.

Have a look at the images below. These springs cost well into 4 figures each. Running locomotives is an expensive hobby!!