76084 Standard 4 2-6-0

  • Main Line Debut Success

    For the first time since withdrawal from British Railways service back in 1967 76084 ventured onto the national network in early August 2016. The 4 trips of the North Norfolkman dining train from Cromer were a huge success.

  • Social Media and 76084

    We have generated a strong social media presence over the past couple of years. Now that we are about to go main line our presence should increase dramatically. Do you follow us at all?

  • New BR Sightings

    For a number of years now we have maintained a list of sightings of 76084 during her British Railways ownership. It is being added to almost daily. And one at Fleetwood in 1958 is most interesting......

  • TPWSfour© now functional

    All new railway vehicles from 1st December 2012 and those undergoing major overhaul have had to comply with new railway safety standards and 76084 is no exception to this rule...

  • Technical Information

    Our locomotive was one of 999 to be built by British Railways in the 1950's. All these locomotives were 'standard' sharing many parts though of different power classifications.

  • 76084 Resources

    There are a number of 76084 resources that might be of use to you especially our 'Go Mainline' appeal leaflet as we seek the last funds to complete GSM-R purchase. Find out here....

76084 - Main Line Action