76084 Standard 4 2-6-0

  • 76084 Profile DVD

    Our 2 hour running time 76084 - Locomotive Profile DVD is selling well. The DVD contains unpublished footage of the loco's restoration and return to traffic as well as scenes from the 3 heritage lines she has performed on. Priced at £16 this will be a valuable addition to any rail enthusiasts collection.

  • Go Mainline Appeal Update

    Our 'Go Mainline' Appeal has raised sufficient funds for 2 out of the 3 technologies needed to go mainline. Can you help us fund the third and LAST?

  • New BR Sightings

    For a number of years now we have maintained a list of sightings of 76084 during her British Railways ownership. Just recently this has increased to a total of 88 sightings. And one at Fleetwood in 1958 is most interesting......

  • How many coaches?

    Just how long a train can a 4MT haul? A story from the summer of 1957 when 76084 was still shiny and brand new tells of an excursion to Morecambe involving our locomotive...

  • Technical Information

    Our locomotive was one of 999 to be built by British Railways in the 1950's. All these locomotives were 'standard' sharing many parts though of different power classifications.

  • 76084 Resources

    There are a number of 76084 resources that might be of use to you especially our new 'Go Mainline' appeal leaflet now seeking funds to complete OTMR purchase. Find out here....

76084 - restored to the highest standard