76084 - UK's Latest Main Line Locomotive

  • Main Line Debut Success

    For the first time since withdrawal from British Railways service back in 1967 76084 ventured onto the national network in early August 2016. The 4 trips of the North Norfolkman dining train from Cromer were a huge success.

  • KEEP Fund Launched

    The true cost of putting a loco on the main line is huge. We have installed the necessary safety systems and gone 'main line light'. The next phase is to test 76084 on the larger national network and we need some financial help.

  • Support Crew get PTS

    We have recruited a number of shareholders and others into our Support Crew. 8 of them successfully underwent PTS training recently ready for the day 76084 goes on the national network beyond Cromer.

  • 76084's Visit to NYMR

    One of the heritage railways that has always been on the 76084 Loco Co Ltd map is the Moors. 76084 is at the NYMR for their Autumn Steam Gala and much more...

  • Technical Information

    Our locomotive was one of 999 to be built by British Railways in the 1950's. All these locomotives were 'standard' sharing many parts though of different power classifications.

  • 76084 Resources

    There are a number of 76084 resources that might be of use to you especially our 'Go Mainline' appeal leaflet as we seek the last funds to complete GSM-R purchase. Find out here....

76084 - North Norfolkman Dining Trains

Wednesday, 10 August 2016 saw 76084 make her first trips on the national network when she pulled the North Norfolkman dining train from Cromer to Sheringham and then on to Holt. These 2 videos give a flavour of the short but significant trips on Network Rail.

76084 - Light Engine Test Run

Monday, 19 September 2016 saw 76084 undergo her light engine test run from Sheringham to Carnforth. The total distance covered was 317 miles all of which were trouble-free. The Class 37 in the consist was insurance against failure but apart from the tow to Cromer and a shunting move at Chersterfield the 37 provided no other assistance.

76084 at Worstead Station

76084 at Peterborough

76084 approaching Dronfield Station

76084 at Audenshaw

76084 - Loaded Test Run

Tuesday, 20 September 2016 saw 76084 couple to a 7 coach train with the Class 37 at the rear again to undergo her loaded test run around the Carnforth - Blackburn - Carnforth loop. The total distance covered on this run was 90 miles again all of which were trouble-free the Class 37 providing no assistance even up Wilphsire Bank.

76084 at Wennington Station

76084 on Wilpshire Bank

76084 at Wilpshire Summit

76084 at Bamber Bridge

Wednesday, 21 September 2016 saw 76084 travel with her Support Coach to Grosmont and the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. The route taken was a long one of some 180 miles.

In 3 days 76084 ran nearly 600 mile trouble-free. Something to be really proud of!!